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    Polaris Virage FULL PART OUT

    I have a full Polaris Virage ski, unsure of the exact year but if one of you polaris guys wants to give me the info on how to check the vin, i can post that up. EDIT 2003

    Two years ago the ski actually ran and ran very well. They were owned by a wealthy couple here in the keys and they maintained the ski very well. They had photos and actually a video of the skis buzzing around their property from a 4th of july party in 2012. They own about a half a dozen properties and the ski sat for a few years and never was touched. This ski is in real god shape with only minor issues.

    I am looking to part out the entire ski so let me know what you need in this thread. Or you can PM me. I will have the title in the next few days and will sell the entire ski as is, if you want it.

    I can post high quality photos and videos at your request.

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    Condition of the jet pump?

    Last two digits of the Polaris HIN is the model year, just like the other brands

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    Last two digits is 03...

    Im going to pull the pump right now and let you know how it looks.

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    Anything wrong with the ski?

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    Okay, so i made a lot of head way.

    The ride plate, ful exhaust, full pump, impeller, nozzle and transom plate are all removed. I got a lot of the water cooling lines out, bilge and most of the ecu and harness.

    The pump shaft slid out beautifuly and was greased up not too long ago. I was able to move the shaft around but it did not spin. I am at home and only have a small amount of tools handy. I got 2 of the 3 bolts loose on the nose cone to see the condition of the grease but my junky start bit took a crap on me. I have the proper allen tool at my shop so tomorrow ill bring it in and see how it looks. There was some surface rust on the impeller but it was in tact and not siezed up, i could guage around the entire impeller, so its free. I imagine the bearing is toast tho, ill know more tomorrow.

    The ride plate, nozzle and exhaust system are all in nice shape and fully in tact.

    I will post photos tomorrow, but i just worked till the sun went down and didnt manage to take any, i just cleaned my greasy fingers enough to type this.

    BryanP: i dont know what the condition of the engine or ski is, it should all be in working order, but i am not going to spend the time and effort to try and get it to turn over. I have a fleet of rental skis that need my attention more then these so they will get a full teardown, parted out, and ill scrap what i dont need..

    I will sell the entire ski for a good price if you want to PM me about it. But it IS in the keys. I do have someone that goes to miami regularly to ship them out and might could arrange a pick up somewhere around there if needed.

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    Okay made a lot of headway with the ski, took a lot apart and have a lot more to go. Wanted to post up the first batch of parts. All these parts are minus shipping. I will be traveling up to gainesville in the next two weeks and can meet you off of i75 and i95. For some of the larger parts, it might be easier to do pick ups.

    Virage 800 throttles with air filter cover 75

    Oil tank, good strap, tube, connection and cap, along with all sensors and hoses(some not shown) 35

    Nozzle, reducer, reverse gate, all in nice shape full working shape 75


    Water box/ silencer, resonator , muffler bracket and its good working strap 100


    FULL cowling with mirrors, and working door and functional latch. The plastic looks damn near perfect, There is no cracking, no fading, and no scratches. Also include unbroken clean black plastic barrier . (not the hood post thatll go with the hood) 70

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    Ride plate WITH all the screws 25 dollars

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    please do not send me any ridiculously low ball offers. These are the prices,

    Feel free to PM me and ask for specific parts, nuts bolts, screws, brackets, whatever you was included on this ski.

    The teardown has gone very smoothly, even smoother then some of my own rental skis. Ths ski was well taken care of and kept in the car port.
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    I suggest you bundle the EMM engine management module with the two fuel injectors from the cylinder heads.

    Be sure to mark the injectors with which cylinder they came from. Ficht works by mapping within the EMM each unique injector serial number to a specific cylinder.

    Maximum value comes from keeping the EMM and marked injectors as a matched set.

    The wire harness is a separate thing, in my view.

    I may actually be interested in the EMM plus injectors and the wire harness

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    Pm sent.

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