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    Waverunner III GP 700 General Questions

    So I've had this 1994 Waverunner III GP 700 for years and I never used it. I've recently decided to use it. So all I did was drain the gas, change the spark plugs, it started right up. From what I can tell runs great. I bought it about 3-4 years ago, kept it outside, didn't winterize it or do anything to it. I have checked compression it was 150 on both cylinders I believe but I will recheck tomorrow.

    I have a couple questions about it. How is this Jetski? How is the handling? I took it out to the ocean jumped waves on it and I took it to the lake and I tried turning hard and it almost skidded like a RWD car doing a drift. What kind of things should I avoid doing on this hull?

    Also it seems plenty fast for me. I think it goes about 30mph? 35? I havent measured buy my 96 Seadoo XP and 97 Seadoo GS are definitely faster. It smokes a LOT. I did use it a couple months ago and it didn't seem to smoke this much. It definitely doesn't feel like it's running rough though or bogging down. It smokes a lot more than the Seadoos. It's not premix its still running oil injection.

    Do you guys think I should be doing certain things to insure its proper operation? I don't have a carb rebuilt kit but should I take off the carbs and spray carb cleaner through all the parts to remove any possible varnish?

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    Definitely go to premix, the older Yamaha's used way too much oil on the oil injection. Use 50-1 premix and you will greatly reduce the smoke and also it will run better, especially off idle and low speeds.
    These boats are a lot of fun to spin out and such because they have a flat bottom. There used to be some rideplates available that had small skegs(fins) on the bottom to help them track better.
    A carb rebuild is probably a good thing, it has a simple single carb. I wouldn't take the carb apart until I had a Mikuni carb kit, there are a couple of gaskets that probably cannot be reused after this much time. Be sure and count the turns in on the high and low speed mixture screws so you can set them back to stock.

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    Yep. just clean/rebuild the carb and enjoy it. I love the drifting/sliding antics of the older machines. Should do about 36-39mph in stock form.

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