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    normal powervalve cycling??

    i picked up an 02 XLT1200 and recently did a D plate, waveeater clips, ppk, sealed the pump, and a 13/19 prop.

    i noticed yesterday that when i started the ski, the powervalves opened a 1/4 turn clockwise. then when i turned the ski off, about 2 seconds later they cycled back counterclockwise 1/4 turn.

    is this normal? i thought roughly 30 seconds after the ski is turned off they usually cycle open and then closed. i also don't remember them opening as soon as the ski is turned on.

    i haven't water tested the ski yet. i did have the cable off the PVs when i took the stinger out for the D plate. could i have misaligned the cable on the PV wheel? is my PV motor failing??

    hopefully i'm just being paranoid. it's been a while since I owned my GPR so i don't remember exactly how the PVs cycle when shut down.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Just checked on mine. The p/v's stay closed on start-up, open around the 5ooorpm mark, then shut on the way down to tickover. Switch off, then the motor opens and closes them after a few seconds. Did you mix the cables around on the operating wheel? Does the hole in the wheel line up with the hole in the engine block when they're closed?. Hope this helps.

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    conclusion i came to was that everybody's PVs are slightly different. i've had some tell me theirs does exactly the same thing, and others tell me what yours do.

    i test rode it and everything was fine. good acceleration and good top end.

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