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    RXT, Would you buy it ?

    OK here is the deal. I just bought a left over "New" 2006 RXT. I bring it home and go over it in my driveway. I hook up the key and it reads on the dash 2 hours on the hour meter. So I call the place where I bought it and they say the ski was "water tested" . They offered to buy the ski back if I wanted. It does have a 2 year warranty. Should I just forget about it and keep it or take it back and get another one?


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    I would tell them you want the full 3 yr bombi in addition to your factory warranty for the 4 yrs total. Then it wont be such a bad deal. Did you get a good deal on this ski?

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    I'd keep it but ask how it was run in the water(I.E. properly during the break in period) and ask for the ext warrenty

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    2 hrs isn't bad, although they said it was new, I'd look to get a couple life vests and the 10 hour service out of the dealership.

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    Regardless of what their story is....a ski with 2 hours is not a new ski. The first couple of hours are the most important as far as break in goes. I'll bet that your ski has gone balls to the wall from initial startup right up to those 2 hours. Get one with zero hours and break it in properly.


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    I paid $9200 for the RXT and I got the ten hour service for free. Thanks for the opinions guys.

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    thats about right. Nice.

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    the biggest reason I bought mine new was so I would know how it was treated for every second that it was ran. you don't. there are some idiots out there than can really F-up a ski in 5 minutes and you have no idea if one of those people have been on your ski, no matter what the dealer tells you. Personally, I would swap it or get my money back...

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    Maybe you could look at the average speed on the multifunction gauge to show how fast it was fun in those first two hours?

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    I have to go with Richard and GTXX on this! It sounds like your ski could have been a DEMO . def break their balls big time, you shouldn`t care how nice they want to wash your balls, that is not a new ski! and the price and honesty should have reflected that. really what are they giving you - $250 for the 10 hours service?????? big deal...
    don`t get me wrong, I`m not personnally breaking your stones, just don`t want to see you have problems down the road, will the dealer fix your SC issues right and in a timely manner if this occurs, or will they forget who you are once you walked out the door??? just my 2 cents, please don`t take it as being harsh!... ya got to look out for one another right here!...PR...

    oh, and Welcome to the forum!...
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