I have a 2002 Kawasaki STX 1200 R. This ski came from the factory without a reverse feature. I love the ski and I primarily use it for pleasure cruising and tubing.

My question is, has anyone ever added a Reverse feature to this ski? I've been researching this idea and it seems that from 1998 through 2004,the STX model of skis from Kawasaki seem to share the same dimensions and most of the body parts look interchangeable. The ride plates of the STX models appear different than the "R" models but the bolt pattern looks identical. I am thinking of swapping the ride plate from a regular STX model onto my "R" model ski in order to have the reverse feature. Then I would run a cable through the transom up to the starboard (right) side of the ski and install a lever on the starboard side of the body of the ski to activate the reverse gate.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.