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    2009 FX SHO good deal?

    Still confused as too which ski I want to purchase first. I am looking at a 2009 yamaha fx sho with 35 hours for 7,000 with no trailer. As someone who likes to buy and sell their toy regularly, if i decide to sell this ski in a few years, how big of a loss am I looking at?

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    Hard to say, depends on condition and hours at time of sale.
    In my experience these things hold their value really well.

    Yamaha just started offering a guaranteed buyback program and lease option; not really my cup of tea, but for people who like new toys every 3 years that might be an option...

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    Since the SVHO is out now, the demand for the SHO's will probably go down some, so will the price. $7000 for a ski with 35 hours is a good price to start. If you keep it a couple years, you shouldn't lose much. At 35 hours, it's barely broken in.

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    I agree...$7K is a very good price if the condition is good. General rule of thumb is take the retail price....minus $2K first year and $1K every year after that. You would be surprised how well that formula works.

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