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    iBR Failure Looking for info on this subject. 2012 RXT


    Looking for info on the seemingly know issue with the SD iBR on a 2012 RXT.

    when the craft is first started there IS F,N,R available.

    Then you take off and once it gets up on plane it immediately falls on its face and goes into Limp Mode.

    I've read there are some Software uPdates that will auto-load when connected to BUDS.
    These updates change the "time-out" for the CAN cycle giving more time. Widening the parameters.

    This particular craft/trailer set up was done with about 5 lbs for tongue weight.
    The trailer has been blown over backwards a few times and the Reverse gate has smacked the ground.
    I'm not sure IF this has caused the problem or not. Have advised to GET ANOTHER TRAILER that is RIGHT for these two heavy craft.

    Once the error acures the display reads, "Module Error" nothing more specific then that. (Laptop, tomorrow, on Tuesday morning)
    after Error, it does not have any iBR function. It's in Forward and nothing else until you remove the key and put it back to reset the system.

    Looking for more info on this iBR issue on the 2012 Sea-Doo RXT


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    I don't know about the IBR issue but I can offer an opinion on the trailer one. I switched from an FZR to a RXT-260 and my tongue weight went to nothing. I had to move the axle to the rear about 6 inches to get a decent amount of tongue weight with the RXT. I have a 2010 Sea-Doo single trailer (not the one with the I-Catch) and it was easy to move the axle.

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    This is a double trailer with '07 Ultra 250x and '12 RXT
    The guy is looking for a better trailer now.

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    Just did the BUDS.
    8 codes all from iBR, cleared....
    Another deal came up stating the computer was not synced with the iBR module, (do you want link the two? yes/no)
    so it's synced now. Not sure why or how it became not synced. Module hasn't been changed out on this craft.

    Also the BUDS did make three (3) software uPdates to the ECU/iBR
    Hopefully this takes care of the issues.

    Noted that the system has been cleared, re-synced, and updated....and all that...
    The ONLY way to know FOR SURE is that it doesn't happen again in a few days, a few weeks, or next month.

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    Try the updates and hope for the best. Keep us updated.

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    Lake test time for a long day!!!!!

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