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    Winch stand suggestions.


    First post here, thanks for the replies in advance.

    I am planning on purchasing a new Spark as my first PWC, so I have been getting things squared away.

    I purchased a used trailer today for $280. I found a used Karavan, long tongue trailer, with leaf springs. Unsure of the year. No rust, fresh paint. Tires and rims are relatively new. The owner had recently put new lights and wiring, however, he spliced the new wiring into the old trailer wiring and the lights are not submersible lights. So I removed the lights tonight, stripped the old wiring from the trailer and routed the new wiring through. I am picking up some LED submersible tail lights and marker lights tomorrow and will install those.

    All together I will be into this for about $320 so far.

    This trailer did not have a winch stand assembly, it has a post with a rubber V-notch for use with a ratchet strap. I would like to install a winch stand assembly with a roller, however I am trying to do this without putting much more money into the trailer, otherwise I would have bought new. Any suggestions on a decent winch stand assembly with a roller for a good price. Preferably < $100. I have found a few but I am finding $150 and up.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Check the DOT date code on the tires. Should be fives years or younger, otherwise I suggest they be replaced soon.

    Trailer should have a VIN number plate or sticker. If the date is not readable from the sticker then the VIN should be decodable to tell you the manufacture date.

    You need the entire winch post, roller and winch with strap, correct?

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