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    Fizzle XS Intercooler Water Line

    I recently picked up a Fizzle XS intercooler for my 2006 RXT. On the exhaust side of my craft the waterline is very short and on the top of the engine towards the rear of the craft that line is extremely long. Should I just flip them around or purchase new ones? I also picked up a RIVA intercooler filter. What type of hoses do I need? Can I just use heater type hose from an auto parts store?



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    it is just lake water. so any hose will work
    but remember there is quite a bit of water psi
    the heater hose type does stay more flexible than the vinyl type
    finding good SS hose clamps IMO is more important than the hose
    also put the filter where you can easily clean it

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    Go to fizzles site and there is directions. You can flip the hoses if that will work no need to buy new ones unless they are old n worn. Auto parts store have heater hose by the foot, Home depot/lowes doesnt. Make sure when you buy clamps they are stamped SS or labeled as such. Home Depot/lowes has those pretty cheap, an auto parts will rape you on those clamps.

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    Swap them. Short one goes from pump to the cooler. Long one goes from cooler to the manifold. The longer hose is plenty long enough so you should be able to cut a piece to install the filter between the pump and cooler.

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    Thanks guys! I hope this combo works well. So I have RXT 215, installed x charger, fizzle xs, riva thru hull exhaust, water strainer, 42lb injectors, bilge pump, and hydro turf. Already had intake grate, riva cold air, solas riva stage 1. Might need to swap impellers again when I'm done. There's a few six packs into this project now!

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