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    Looking to buy GP1200R wont start

    I was at the car auction the other day and I noticed a couple jet skis for sale also.

    So this waverunner is running through the auction and I'm trying to start it and it wont start. So I took off the seat and it had no wires going to the battery! I had to fish around and I found the wires and connected them... but nothing. I figured battery was dead. At this point the ski ran through the auction and no one bid on it.

    I went back with a jumper box later to jump the jet ski. The negative cable was not connected to anything! It was disconnected on both ends. So I put the jumper wires on and I put the negative cable on an engine bolt to start it. The starter turned over for half a second and then there was this long BEEEEEEEPPPPPP noise that only ended when I took off the jumper cables. I tried a couple times with the same result. Also worth noting I saw some smoke off the negative cable and some smoke from under the (well its either the intake or the exhaust I dont remember).

    I really want to go buy this jet ski. I can probably get it for 500 bucks. The hours are unkown though since it wont start. Do you guys have any ideas on what could be the issue?

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    One of the plugs coming from the electrical box also looked like it wasn't connected. I'm doing some reading and I got the service manual and it seems like it might be some temp sensor? With that disconnected would the jetski not start?

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    If the exhaust temp sensor is not plugged in it will not start/put spark to the plugs. Its worth $500 in parts but could take $1500-$2500 to rebuild depending on how much it needs.

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    But if the starter motor doesn't even work for more than a half a second? What could that be? I'm trying to get some ideas on different things to check before heading out to the auction and checking it out. I'm reading that the ground wire grounds on the starter motor. If I am grounding it on a random bolt will that make a difference?

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    if the starter doesnt turn and do a full revelation you are most likely looking at a seized motor. something inside there wont let the crank turn. when you have a faulty exhaust temp, Not only will it not give spark to the plugs, it will also crank for 5 seconds only and stop while start button is engaged. thats a sure way to know its a bad exhaust sensor. but if you say it wont crank for even a second, you are looking at internal damage. broken skirt or anything like that. Its at the auction for a reason. reach down to the bottom of the motor, and feel for chunks of aluminum on the bottom of the hull and towards the front. more times than i can count finding chunks on the bottom of the hull was a sure way to know what was wrong with the ski, when the owner would say "i dunno it just doesnt turn over, probably a bad starter, easy fix"

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    Bid $100 on it.

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    I gave up on that jet ski lol. Looking at a seadoo 3d now at a good price but this one wont stay running lol. Trying to figure that out now.

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