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    WTB EMM Ultra 130 DI or STX DI working or not

    need the brain(EMM) controller working or not
    others may work from a Polaris or Tigershark
    PM me is best thanks

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    I have one i just got back from DFI tech.
    675$ is what it cost me to get it refubished....

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    thanks you hit me with that on the (other) board;^)
    is the warranty transferable?
    how is the injector calibration handled since each one is specific ?

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    You would need the EMM programmed to your injectors.

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    thanks thats what I was asking because this ones already been rebuilt.
    So it would need to be done at dealer($$$) or send mine and that one to DFI
    and most likely have more expenses involved.
    I need the regulator board for mine so may not be worth buying a rebuilt one.

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    I have the injectors as well, il throw those in with the EMM if you want it.

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    matched ones for that EMM?
    does it have any hours on it since rebuild and is it warrantied from them?
    also need some sheetmetal stuff for ultra like EMM mount coil bracket
    fuse holder/solenoid bracket thats rust free
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