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    ultra 130 DI Greek to me

    just got this DOA
    wont do anything.start,power display up,trim wont operate.
    key is on,lanyard in place
    checked the 2 fuses and they are good.

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    compression is 125+ on all 3
    jumped solenoid to check
    also checked injector voltage while cranking and it starts at battery voltage and goes to about 28V while cranking
    but I get no electrical action

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    No electrical action meaning? The voltage at the injectors sounds right. Should go to 45 volts while running.

    I would first trace the circuit to figure out why the start button doesn't crank the engine.

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    I dont have any manuals on this,just wondering if the start circuit is run thru that damn EMM.

    but dont understand why I get no display and the trim does nothing.
    Is there another fuse somewhere other than next to the solenoid ?

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    this will be some real work. factory manual required, or at least the correct wiring diagram.

    test light with assorted alligator tips.

    a methodical test method.

    start and the back and work your way forward.

    should be resolved in two hours or less.

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    found a wiring diagram for STX so hope thats close enuf
    Ill get my test light out and start probing.

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    wheres the main ground connection at?
    I suspect that connection is bad
    I backprobed the start button and got the display to come alive
    when I first backprobed it the test light glowed on the downstream side of it without pushing button
    This would indicate a backfeed because of a poor ground.
    While probe was in that position I pushed the trim button and test light got brighter.
    this would mean more load increased the backfeed.
    I can get the starter solenoid to work if I supply a ground to it.
    Things are getting interesting....
    The diagram Ive got for the STX is about useless because alot is different.
    but Im sure the EMM and injector wiring is close if I need to diagnose that.

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    GOT IT!
    connector at battery was poor inside the terminal for the accessory power

    I love this stuff called corrosion block!

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    So it runs now?

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    no but at least I have display and trim power
    it will turn over and fires if I put fuel down the throttle bodies

    puts out 45v to the injectors while running on prime but wont stay running
    gonna check the fuel pressure tomorrow
    Cant understand why this doesnt have a shrader valve for checking pressure.

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