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    1995 Speedster Super/Turbo Charger

    Hi, i have a 95 speedster with dual 657Xs. I want to boost my speed this summer. What mods could I do to achive this?

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    Factory Pipe For the 720 motors. Have one in my 95 XP

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    Wow, 49 views and only one reply.......

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    Twin engine mods

    The good news is there is lots of stuff out there for your motors. The bad
    news is alot of it will not be of use on a " Boat".
    You can build motors for more power, but very differently than a ski. Check out Group K on line. They will give you some ideas.
    The area you will see the most improvement from is the pumps. Your
    boat has twin pumps with a single intake. Impellers, wear rings,carrier seals, pump mount, all should be gone through and replaced/upgraded to assure maximum performance. Simple wear and tear on these parts will degrade
    performance dramatically.

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