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    Cool looking for fishing buds to go off shore grouper fishing around anclote * paso area

    hello me and my gf has been wanting to go off shore to do so deep sea fishing in the next few weeks. i have done it by myself and is a blast ,but its alitte risky when your out there all alone u never know whats going to happen.i would like at least 2 more skis. wanted to go out 20-30 miles out. I got a 2012 fzr ski also a ebrup just in case if u want to go make sure your ski is reliable to make that distance and a anchor with plenty of rope . i also have a few gps spot to try too while we r out there. we went out only a 1mile passed anclote and got 7 groupers last saturday. i understand u can't keep them till july 1st but its a blast out there now the bite is on reply with any questions

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    I'd love to go. My family lives in Tampa and I bring my ski down there a few times every summer. Let me know when your thinking of going and I'll plan a weekend to go down there. I've got a rack already built and ready to fish.Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow that's a sweet rack you got. does it mAke the ski tippy

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    Quote Originally Posted by joey goes fast View Post
    Wow that's a sweet rack you got. does it mAke the ski tippy
    Not at all, it doesn't weigh very much. Maybe 10 pounds at most, you can't even tell its back there.

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    thinking about heading out in the next few days looks like it will be good weather

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    Wish I could make it down there, my girlfriend already planned out my weekend lol. I know I'll be heading down that way the first or second week of June. When are we allow to keep the groupers?

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    going to south end of anclote island for a shot at some tarpon sunday morning

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