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    Engine: FXCruiserHO to SUV1200?


    Seen some posts that make me ask.

    Does the fxCruiserHO engine mount/match into the hull of the SUV1200, and does the drive match with the SUV1200's jet pump.

    Guess all can figure where I am going with all this...yeah I am tired of the premixing and 2 stroke problems.

    Just an old dude that wishes Yamaha would have made at lease one year model of SUV with the 4 stroke.

    Be nice if someone has done this instead of me having to buy a 5 grand ening and trying to fixture it (and the changed electronics) into my SUV.

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    he's got an SUV with a 4-stroke in it

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    The SUV has the same driveline as an XLT and GPR which will match the FXHO

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