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    Para-sailing (Para-Tubing) with a VXS

    I bought a 26í parasail from ascending parachutes and went out on the lake with my VXS to give it a try with my son and some of his friends. I thought Iíd take the time to explain a few things about how to do it for those interested.
    As you can see from the video, I set up a tube which I attached to the parasail tow line on the front. Using bungee cord I attached the tube to the parasail harness which the rider wears. In this way the tube ascends with the rider and allows for a very easy takeoff and landing with very little beach front. The wind was blowing at about 0 to 5 or 7 mph at any given time.

    About load: Itís all about air speed of the parasail, not your speed across water. With a 170lb rider the load is about as much as a loaded three man tube. At no time did the ski even think about coming unhooked or lift up into the air. I even went over some large wakes without issue. There was more than enough power to launch and keep the rider in the air. In fact, I got so good at it that I could chop the throttle and allow the rider to free fall for a while and then nail it and keep him from going in to the water at the last second. You always want to keep the line loaded and you donít want to snatch the line just like you were towing a tube. With no wind I only had to go about 17 to 15 mph to keep the rider level. To ascend Iíd go about 18 to 20 mph. To slowly descend Iíd go about 9 to 12 mph. With a 5 mph wind youíll subtract or add the wind factor depending on if youíre going into the wind or with it. The line was 3/8 poly cord found in any Home Depot and was 200í. That will send you up about 150í. Although youíre going slowly youíre at about Ĺ throttle which means you need to be steady on steering inputs because they are greatly exaggerated with the thrust youíre using at that slow speed.

    About turning around: 4 words; Get off the Seat. Iím sure I donít have to explain what that means to the crowed on this forum. I read extensively on the issue with many saying that they would roll the ski when they tried to turn. If you just sit in the ski then you stand a very good chance of rolling it or give yourself a huge amount of room to make your turn. You will need to compensate for the pull of the sail not just in turns but if you have wind blowing from your port or starboard side. Youíll also notice that your weight will need to shift to the opposite side you are turning (to going left youíll move body weight to the right). This is opposite of what we are used to when powering through a turn normally. Itís a weird feeling for sure but once you master it you can make 180 degree turns in less than 100í turning radius. After a few times I found I could get pretty aggressive with the turning w/o fear of rolling it.

    About landing. With the tube, Iíd bring the flyer down slowly to the surface and pull the tube slowly through the water but fast enough to keep the parasail fully filled and then chop the throttle when the rider got close to the beach. You always land and take off into the wind. I also have a quick release that the flyer pulls and releases himself from the tow line for a free fall but we didnít use it with the tube set up I made for fear that it might make for a harsh landing. Maybe next time.

    Finally, I wouldnít go flying using a PWC in more than a 10 mph wind simply because it would be a lot of work for the ski operator. Iím sure it could be done but would be too much work for me as the ski operator.

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    my friend do it with seadoo RXT 215 with no issue.
    maybe his ski is heavier than your.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just relax and enjoy the ride. XLT Chad's Avatar
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    Holy Crap that looks like fun!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    So cool!

    I was teasing the better half that we have to try this with our ski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NormX View Post
    So cool!

    I was teasing the better half that we have to try this with our ski.
    Just went out this last weekend and had a blast with the para-sail. My buddy pulled it with his VX with no problem. I don't think ski weight has much to do with it. The suction from your pump's intake pretty much holds you to the water. I've never lifted once but don't pull in much more that a 7 or 8 mph wind unless you have experience.

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