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    Smile I'm baaaaack!!!!!

    It's been a while but I'm finally back in the saddle. A lot of you probably don't know me, I usually ride locally in tampa with Jim, Leo etc. I was I took a break from my jetski last summer after it spent most of the season in the shop with a busted tunnel so I got a bike and kinda shoved the ski off to the side for a bit and to make a long story short I got into a little bit of trouble on the bike so I dicided to sell it and get into ski's again. I just wanted to re-introduce my myself and say hi to everyone. I see a lot has happened since last summer so would anyone care to fill me in on all of the excitement that I've missed in the past year? I see everyone's a lot faster than the last year. What's new as far as new parts and mod's?

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    Hey Alex. Glad to see you back. I ask Leo about you about a week or so ago.

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    Hey Alex, don't remember you .... I've recently learned a lot and done a ton of mods, (plate and head from jim, etc.) What mods have you got? I'm pretty new to the sport but learning quickly! nice to meed ya


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    welcome back Alex

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    w/b alex, and what kind of bike did you get? i thought about trading my ski for a bike for the longest time..

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    Welcome back Alex. Is your ski fixed????

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