Impressive list of about 50 riders including pro, semi pro and amateur are racing in Daytona to kick off the 2014 season. Guys this is racing at its finest. 25 skis will be racing in the 300 class which includes Ultra 300/310s, SVHO and RXP-X. Sponsored by Yamaha, Seadoo, Hydroturf and ProRider this is done just offshore in the waves and surf. The 250 class that includes SHOs (FX/FZ), RXP 215/255 will be running in heats along with the 200 class that includes VXR/S. Male and female racers come from everything from Mark Hahn to closed course racing. Modifications are limited to bolt ons so it is a endurance, rider skill race.

AquaX is quite the show with television coverage, helicopter cameras, transponders that communicate rider location real-time online. Course marshalls and safety crew along with yachts and hot chicks. Racing at its finest. Please come out and support the sport. can still race.... If you have the balls.