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    Can a triple-piped GP1200R be an everyday waverunner?

    Have opportunity to buy a built GP1200R, novi's, Riva head, gas valves, etc. Over the years I have developed the impression that triples, (tripples?), are a constant battle. Have rebuilt 66V's before but wouldn't really want to spend more time tuning on this beast than riding. Have gone 78 on a waverunner, thanks mjh3ides, and would love to experience 80 mph.
    Do I run away from this monster or plunge ahead?

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    Triples just require that you pay attention to all of the additional cooling lines and hose connections. If you don't mind a little maintenance and some tweaking here and there I say go for it. The sound of a triple piped 2 stroke sure is a sweet thing.

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    I have full factory yamaha world championship winning GPR that has been used as the family cruiser since about 2007. The only spec changes made have been pulling out the pipe stinger inserts and taking 7 degrees out of the total msd timing curve. Still runs very strong on 92-93 octane gas as a rec boat. It does like to be run a little harder than an average GPR and the ride doesn't offer a ton of comfort.

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