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    Jetski with good offshore Range


    I am from Germany, but will spend this summer on Malta (island in the Mediterranean Sea) and definitely need a PWC for the summer

    There are not many used PWCs available in Europe, so I will probably get one in the USA.
    I never owned a PWC myself so far.

    What I need is a PWC that can make at least 70 miles through the Mediterranean Sea without refueling.
    Topspeed should be at least 60mph, but higher would be much better of course.
    It is not that important for me if it is a three- or two-seater.
    2-stroke or 4-stroke also does not matter and I don't have a budget. (but I would only spend 10k+ if it would be new and really really worth it)

    I am wondering why the horsepower numbers went up like an inflation over the years, however there was (almost) no increase at all in top speed. I read somewhere that Yamaha's hull would be capable of much higher speeds, but don't know if that's true.

    I thought about buying a GP1200R/GP1300R, but did not find any information on how it does offshore and if the range would be sufficient.
    I also thought about an RXP-X/RXT-X (RS), but don't think I would be happy with the range. And it has much more horsepower than a GP1300R, but is only a few mph faster than it.

    Hope you can help me with this. Thanks!

    By the way, what websites are popular in the US for buying/selling PWCs?

    Best Regards

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    17 is a pretty popular site.

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    Thanks. Already been looking at

    What PWC do you think would be a good choice?

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    A kawi 300/310 would be perfect for offshore riding. It has the kind of range you are looking for if you don't keep it pinned back a lot. The Yamaha VX/FZ hull does leave a lot more potential for speed once you mod, but it's more of a flat water ski. Newer skis may have close to the same top speed as they used to, but don't forget about acceleration. The ultra 300 has a 2 sec 0-60, which no earlier skis came close to.

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    Coast guard regulates top speed. Depending on the ski the after market let's u gain ur top speed numbers. Kawi ultra series would be ur best bet. They also offer the ultra without the super charger. On open ocean runs with my 2007 ultra 250 I've seen as high as around 6 mpg with moderate riding. U open her up and the gas disappears haha

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    Thanks for the replies.
    Does the ultra have an electrical speed limiter? What would be the top speed if it is removed?
    How reliable is it?

    edit: there are a few 2003 Ultra 150 available in Germany. Owner claims that it can make 74mph on flat water. Are they suitable for offshore riding?
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    With an open budget I'd go for something a little newer. A 250/260/300/310 would be much better in every way than a 150.

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    The problem is that I need a "Declaration of Conformity" to import a PWC to Europe because of stupid EU regulations.

    For the European version, this declaration can be found in the appendix of the owner's manual.
    Is this declaration also included in the owner's manual of the US version? Thanks a lot!

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    DON'T get a GP 1200/1300 forget about this ski for your purpose..
    First Being a 2 stroke gas mileage WILL never be as good as today's 4 strokes..
    Second that lightweight flatter bottom design is made for river trails and calm lakes,I don't believe you want to travel in the Mediterranean Sea unless you just want to play in the surf and wave jump,then they can be quite fun...

    Stick to a heavier Deep V hull like an Ultra or RXT ,FX...

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    You have around a $10K budget .... that will get you a good late model big Kawi or Yamaha. Kaw 250 or 300, both very proven ocean skis. You could get new a Yam VX or Kaw FX but by the time you pay shipping ...$10K wont go far. Stay away from 2 strokes due to age & parts limits being in Europe. You want a Kaw 250, 2008 - 2010 or a 2011 Kaw 300 with low hours. good Luck

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