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    Totally dumb

    Hi, I have just joined and know nothing about what I have inherited which is a Kawasaki 750 SXI in pretty neat condition, a 1995 unit which has never seen salt water. The battery is basically useless so I need to order a new one, and it looks as if it will be tight to get the original out past the air filter box. Is it necessary to remove the filter box? What is the best sort of battery for this ski? What is the difference between an SX and an SXI? The self mix oil pump has been disabled and the inlet to the carbs was blocked off. I have Amsoil fully synthetic oil am I right in thinking 50 : 1 ratio. I think the ski has had some mods, including the plate and the prop. I have never ridden a stand up ski before but many years ago I did have a 650 X2 when they first came out. Are there any good training videos that I should look for on the web? Appreciate any help

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    You Dont want to put synthetic in an older ski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwtony View Post
    You Dont want to put synthetic in an older ski.
    Why not?

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    Amsoil is GOOD oil, you will be fine at 50:1

    The 750SX, was the base 750 stand up. SXi Had dual carbs, and a stainless prop. (upgrades over the SX)

    You do need to remove the flame arrestor assembly to remove the battery.

    I have batteries in stock for your ski;

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