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    Help! - Problem with RXT front hood

    I've picked up my spanky new RXT today, which is nice

    Minor problem when I got it home though... I can't get the front hood cover to latch closed properly

    It will close if you REALLY slam it, but not ideal!!
    I have loosened the catch on the hood itself, and if I have the two nuts loose then it closes fine, but as soon as I tighten them up, it refuses to close again

    Is there any way to adjust the post itself?, I'm thinking that it just needs raising slightly.

    Anyone else had this issue?

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    EZ Dock of Long Island Shibby1485's Avatar
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    they take some breaking in.... mine was tough to start, really tough.... now it's a breeze to close. How hard are you talking you gotta slam it? i mean tey do take a good dropping slam even when working normal, but not like u gotta throw it down with alot of force. they don't gently go down and oush and lock into place.. not the way they work.

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    Well, at first I couldn't get it to close at all, even with a good slam with my hand pressing it down as well.

    As you say.. maybe it's just where it's all brand new... I'll leave those bolts slightly loose and see if things get any better.

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    Dont leave them too lose. Mine loosened up from trailering and the screws ended up in my lap while riding this summer. Had a bitch of a time getting one of them back in without cross threading it

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    Mine worked fine from day one.You should not have to slam it,something wrong there.Mine closed very easy.

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