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    New RXT threw 2 codes today in less than 2 hrs

    Bought a new 2006 RXT a few weeks ago and took it out today for the first time and all was good until just over 1 hour had turned and it threw the codes 0351 & 0261. I called my dealer and they said it had something to do with the firing on the back cylinder. The ski feels like it has a faint skip in the engine and doesn't have all it's power so there is something definitely wrong. I didn't dog it or anything today as I am aware of the break-in period on any new machine. I rode it for about 15 minutes with the codes on at about 18-20 MPH to get back to the truck with no changes. I wiggled all the fitting on the coils and still nothing helped. Any ideas what it could be? It will be some time before I can get a chance to run it back to the dealership. Thanks, Tracy

    PS. I was refered here from PWCtoday and here is the link to this same thread there. - New RXT threw 2 codes today in less than 2 hrs

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    try this link for a few pages from the Sea-Doo manual, it tells what the codes are for too.

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    o6's do not have mode & set buttons.
    A trip to the dealer is a must here I would guess.


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    Since both codes are related to the same cylinder (#1) and the ski is new I doubt there is a problem in the ignition coil circuit and injector circuit at the same time. The ecu may have a problem, but doubtful as ecu's in all types of vehicle applications are generally low failure items. You may have a poor/intermittent ground, much higher probability, check all ground connections including at the battery post itself.

    I think it could be a bad spark plug, sometimes an ecu will get "faked out" when the problem is on the #1 cylinder as it needs accurate info on that cylinder for timing. Take the #1 and swap it with #2 or #3 and run it just long enough (in the water) for the check engine light to come on (if it's on immediately, you may have to ride it for a few minutes until you can feel the misfire steadily and give the ecu enough time to set a new code), recheck codes, if you now have codes for the cylinder that the #1 plug was moved to, you know it's the plug, if the same codes are stored then the problem is obviously isolated to #1 cylinder. Or you could just change all of the plugs and try it (you should always carry a spare set anyway).

    Disclaimer: I have not worked on an RXT before, the advice I'm offering is based on basic diagnostic principles of on-board computer systems for cars and trucks but is still applicable as the engine and computer don't know what they are propelling (no real difference in other words)

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