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    MSX 150 Turbo Replacement


    I just picked up an MSX 150 which is need of a new turbo. Does anyone know where I may be able to get a replacement, either OE, an upgrade or even just a new cartridge? Is there an aftermarket "bolt on" upgrade turbo available? I've rung around a bunch of places here in Australia but no luck to date.

    I've checked with Precision Sports and they don't have anything in stock and am yet to hear back from Weber Power.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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    I seem to recall reading that the cartridge from a certain Audi or Volkswagen engine would fit and work.

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    Sounds like your on the right track contacting Randy at WeberPower and Martin at Precision.

    I've only ever gotten a stock turbo off ebay and got lucky... it was in good condition. But they sure do seem pricey.

    K447 is also right. I noted this comment from Martin
    The turbo cartridge is a common kkk k03 watercooled unit. These turbo are common on smaller VW and Audi engines. The only difference may be the diameter of the turbine wheel. A good turbo shop will get you going in no time with a brand new K03 cartridge at a fraction of the cost from what Polaris is charging.

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    Thanks for the info lads, have spoken to Randy and he's got me on the right track.

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