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    2007 VX Cruiser Pump Cavitation???

    Hey All! Need some advice from the pros. A good customer brought in a very low hour VX. He said I have oil in the bilge , and it wont go over 25 mph.
    Well he check the oil with it cold.... over filled... same old story. Well we clean her up, take out the excess oil and air filter , and take it for a test ride. It turns up to around 6800, acts like its hitting the rev limiter,but only runs about 25mph. I pull the pump, everything looks good. I reassembled it , put sealant in all the pump seams and intake. Its no better ! What am I missing? It acts like its sucking air into the pump and Cavitating. I know someone has had this problem before , but I cant find it from searching. Help! Thanks

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    Try new spark plugs or see if the YDS will tell you anything?

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    Hey Thanks for the reply, it has new plugs installed . YDS has no faults. That's whats so perplexing? Wear ring has about .030 clearance . No damage at all to impeller or wear ring.

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