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    Question expert advice needed

    anyone got some pointers for someone new to waverunners?? what checks can I make with little mechanical knowledge to make sure the ski I bought is running rite and of good quality???

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    You buy it yet? Post what you bought so we can give you directions.

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    yea mate already bought it I drove 5hrs to look at it an the marine service guy rang when I got there an told me he couldn't make it out to do an inspection so I hooked it up an went. It's a 2001 gp1200r internally n external it's tidy looks like it's been looked after, it's got 77hrs was told it had a rebuild at 67hrs but he had no receipts so not 100% sure. today I done a compression test after I you tubed how I got 108 on all cylinders but from what I've read seems low, when I started the ski it blew a fare bit of smoke I only ran it for about 30 sec before it konked out I'm hoping it was low fuel, just wanting to no if there's any other checks I can do as there's no jetski shops near me

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