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    Talking Good news on RED

    I know there's been alot of discussion on the quality of paint on the red ski's. On day one I removed the large caution sticker on the rear and had a bit of red appear on the diaper when removing the glue. I panicked and refused to remove any more decals. After a few weeks and 4.5 hours on the water I bravely removed the rest of the caution stickers including the Kawa decals on the hood and had NO residue or any other problems!! YEAH!

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    I've been wanting to remove the big decal on the back. Is it a simple peel off of should I use something to loosen it? I really don't want to lose any paint.


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    I used a hair dryer (NOT A HEAT GUN) and some Goo Be Gone.

    Use the hair dryer to just warm up the decal so its plyable. If you try it cold it just chips off in small pieces and if you get it too hot it gets thin and tears easily. I had the entire area covered in glue when I got the decal removed. I wiped it down with Goo Be Gone then started rubbing and adding the Goo Be Gone every so often. The fastest way was to wipe in the same direction with a soft rag over and over and as the glue would ball up I would lift it off with a dry paper towel. It took about an hour to get it all off. then I washed it with soap and water and hit it with some wax.

    I only had alittle red on the rag but no visible marks on the ski. The ski was only a day old and fresh out of the crate. A few weeks later I took the rest of the caution stickers off the same way and had NO signs of paint on the rag.

    I even took the Kawa stickers off the hood but now I think it looks plain. I'm thinking that maybe I should have left them on.

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    I removed the rear sticker, glove box, and some other decals. A little paint came off. I used a heat gun (careful with temp) fingernails and 3M adhesive remover. The ultra looks so much better without the rear warning decal.

    I went to wax the boat before my first trip out but quit right away due to so much red on the towel. How long should I wait to wax the ultra? Will the paint stop rubbing off after a few days in the sun?

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