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    Gp800r wont rev after carb rebuild


    Just get back my carbs from the workshop for a fully rebuild.
    Allso installed a oil block of kit, new spark plugs, fuel filter, accelerator pump diphagram and new fresh fuel premixed with fully syntetic 2 stroke marine oil (2%)

    Today was first testing with the rebuild carbs.
    It starts fine but wont rev at all, when i go on throttle it want die.
    There was a few times it revs up and over 4000rpm, and as long i hold it over 4k it revs realy good.
    But as soon i go under 4000 and goes for idle it want to die again and very hard to revs up without die.

    after the ride i check the plugs and they where completly dry (to much air)

    Anyone who has an idea?


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    The plugs wont really show color without some hours on them

    Sounds like the accel pump is not working... remove the airbox cover and look into the carbs. Pump the throttle to see if its sprays

    If thats working check the power valves. They may be not working and stuck in the up position

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    Hey there.

    Is it at all possible you have put the fuel lines on back to front.? (return on inlet etc.?)

    Are you definitely getting fuel through.? (filter been changed.? fuel switch working.?)

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    The accel pump was defenetly not working when i remove the carbs first time.
    So when the carbs was rebuild i change the accel pump diphagram to and now it looks like it work(havent look into from filter box)

    The power valve is working, it change position when i push start button.

    Have change the fuel filter, and the old filter was realy bad, ran out some white yellow shit.
    So i was thinking of get new fuel kines to?


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