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    2012 Rxt x 260 Intercooler fail

    Hi Guys i just joined this to hopefully learn more about my ski and others.

    I just had the Intercooler replaced in my 2012 rxt x 260 with only 50 hours on it.
    under warranty. Got told its happening a lot and that my Throttle body could fail. Should i be worried ? Is the failure of the throttle body common ?

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    Welcome aboard the Hulk!!!

    Did you ride in fresh or salt water?
    If you ride in fresh water your less likely to have future problems. If you ride in salt water I would take off the tubing leading into the throttle body and spray some anti corrosive spray in there to help it not to rust..

    Also there is a poll going on the hulk about i/c failure. Add yours to it.

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    They should replace the TB too. Yes, it will fail at some point

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    I Ride it fresh water all the time, just worried it will fail at the start of a weekend away or something like that.
    I will give it a spray and hopefully that will help it.

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    I always ride in salt and flush after every ride. Mine failed. And they shouldn't. They're called SEA Doo's. Rant over. Carry on.

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