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    96 and 98 gtx I could use some advice

    Hi Guys, first off I just wanted to thank you for all the great information in these forums! I just bought a 96 Seadoo GTX and a 98 GTX RFI. I didn't get a chance to test drive them due to the foot and a half of ice on the lake, but had a shop go through them, and he said everything looks to be in order, although I don't think that he did a very thorough inspection. I bought them very reasonably, so hopefully they drive okay if not I can still put some money into them and end up okay. It was an older couple that owned them and they seem to know surprisingly little about them and just said that they brought them to a dealer at the beginning of the season, then at the end to have them winterized. He assured me that both of them ran great, and we all know that no one has ever said that when it wasn't true, right? I just wanted some advice on what I should be doing to them before the season starts. The 96 still has the grey fuel lines, so I am going to switch all those out and clean the carbs on that ski. I plan to replace the oil filter and the oil lines on both. I also plan on cleaning the RAVE valves on both. Any advice on other things to do check would be great. Thanks again for all the great information on the forum!

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    You about nailed it, compression test, is a must, remove the Fuel on off on the 96 and make sure its free and clear and functions right, check both jet pump cones and wear rings, on the RFI check the exhaust rave valve to, by opening it up to take a look see.

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    I am looking for any type of wear or ridge on the wear rings correct? Both props looked like the trailing edges were pretty smooth. If a wear ring is bad it will have a ridge where the prop impacted it? Thanks for the reply, I just watched a pretty good video on changing the pump oil, looks pretty simple.

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