Hey all of you green-hulk member's!

Just wanted to start a build log for my first jet ski build.

A little about how I got into pwc.

Last June I bought 2 seadoos last year for 2k with a trailer.(95 seadoo xp and 95 gtx)
After riding them for over 50 hours in a summer I decided since I rode them enough I needed to get myself a new 2 seater to mod.

So about a month ago I made a trip to Madison, South Dakota from Lincoln, Nebraska to pick up a 2003 yamaha gp1300r with 110 hour's that is completely stock. Jet ski's around me are very expensive. I assume this has to do with living in the Midwest where there aren't a whole lot of PWC. Anyway, I got the gp1300r home and noticed the ski was missing 3 of 4 intake grate bolt's and it very badly needs a detail done to it since there is a-lot of brown(ish) color on the hull.

Once it warm's up enough I will finally be able to buff the ski and hopefully get rid of the rest of the brownish color on the hull. I will try and upload picture's of the ski before and after the detail.

Now onto the fun stuff of the jet ski.....

Now that I have felt I have done a decent amount of research and talked to some very intelligent people with these craft's I have decided which route I want to go with this ski.

For starter's I picked up a few used part's from a fellow member on the board.

I bought the following from him...
a protec ride plate
a protec 2 bar 1200/1300r grate
a r&d trim tab's

Also today I was just searching around and I found waveeaterclips with the couplers for 53 bucks on ebay from waveeater themselves.

Next plan's for the ski are to order.....

D plate with chip(don't want to run into a day at the lake where the ski is down due to the cat failing)
jetworks mod
tunnel reinforcement
stepping of the stock sponsons (free mod just need to do the mod)

Any suggestion's or input please feel free to join/post on the thread I will keep you all updated with the build as soon as I am able to.