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    INFO NEEDED-2003 GP1300R in NJ

    I purchased a 2003 GPR-from Hamilton Yamaha in Trenton, NJ-recently and am in need of any info anyone has on this ski. Dealer did not have much info, ski has a sticker from this forum. Ski has a RIVA stage 2 kit installed, is converted to premix and has around 160hrs on the clock. I need to know if any other mods were made to the engine like: shaved head, reeds, porting, keyway what prop is in it, etc etc etc. Attached is a picture of the ski. Thanks in advance for all your help.

    Mike S

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    Unless youre hoping for the previous owner to recognize his old ski,...You might wanna consider posting other pictures, we can only see what stickers are on the right-front of the ski, and it has a new fuelcap.

    Most of you questions are only answered by taking the engine apart, i'd say check compression.

    To get some help over here; Post pictures of the inside left, right, rear compartment, and you may get some more info on what's in it.

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    Thanks Julian-I'm hoping for previous owner or someone else to recognize the ski and maybe give me some info. I will do compression test and thoroughly inspect ski tomorrow. Not planning on taking anything apart just for info. If it runs good when I put it in the water I'm just gonna enjoy it and maintain it for as long as I can.

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    I love that color combo..... If only the white was orange.... Beautiful ski, and good luck on your info hunt.

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    I would check the compression and strongly consider rebuilding the top end. Most on here recommend a top end rebuild every 100 hrs. My motor untouched spun a ring at 167 hrs for what its worth.

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    I had my top end rebuilt @ 100hrs and had no issues on my 1200R

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    I have checked the compression with 2 different gauges, readings are very close in all three cylinders, 107-106-107psi with a Matco tools gauge and 96-95-96psi with my Harbor Freight brand gauge. These measurements were taking on a trailer, ski running on garden hose for probably 5 minutes-possibly a lot colder than what it should be at actual running temps. I don't know if the top was redone before. Anyone has any knowledge or experience as far as what is the safest lowest compression before you actually do the top????. Ski sounds solid, no rattles, piston slap or knocks, hoping to put it on the river this Saturday for water testing.

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    I think the 2003 GPRs had a serious problem with weak pump tunnels ... been awhile since I have seen a 2003 for sale, maybe someone else can chime in. Would be a good idea to crawl under the ski and take a very bright light and look closely at the pump tunnel. I think pump tunnel reinforcement was highly recommended for this year to avoid serious hull damage.

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    Thanks Vern-tunnel has already been reinforced by previous owner.

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    LOL this is too funny. I actually bidded on this ski, but the engine looked a MESS from the pictures, I gave up around $2800. Good luck with it, I did call and talk to the dealer and they didn't know much about it either. Not sure how they even knew it was a Riva stage 2 kit?

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