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Thread: BBSD 9-It's on!

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    BBSD 9-It's on!

    Impros BBSD9
    We've got the date worked out and we're hoping you'll come out to the river and enjoy a weekend of fun with us!
    Come join us for the 9th Annual Impros Blythe Bound Smack Down (“BBSD”), in just two months from today! May 17th at Twin Palms Resort, Blythe CA. Everyone is welcome.
    This year, it’s two weeks after Round 1&2 Races in Parker, AZ. We really try to avoid races and other events so most of our friends can try to fit BBSD into their schedule and take the opportunity to get some good practice time and tuning done for the upcoming events- and at the same time, relax and hang with friends without the pressures of race day!

    Once again we have several great companies interested in helping us put on this party, as well as providing a huge list of great raffle prizes. We will announce and promote our sponsors in upcoming posts.
    We still have a lot of planning to do, but wanted to get the date out there so that you can plan for it. We'll periodic updates as they become available.

    For our new interested friends- here's a quick summary of what BBSD is all about...

    Impros Blythe Bound Smack Down is simply a fun get together. A fun weekend at the river for all of us to ride, meet, break bread and enjoy a day at the river with friends. Also a chance for us to give personal thanks- if it weren’t for great people like you, Impros wouldn’t exist. It doesn’t matter if you ride a stand up, or prefer a sit down, bring it! If you want to run buoys with friends (old and new), bring it! If you just want to hang out and chow on some free food, WE got it!

    Details to follow on the complimentary lunch/dinner on Saturday.

    There are full hook-ups at this camping resort, and plenty of hotels available a few miles south in Blythe.

    For more details, go to the Impros Facebook page below.

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    nice let the games begin!

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    maaaannn, my job requires me to work weekends...

    I can ask, but being 'new guy', it doesn't look promising.

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    Im there !!

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    Anybody know anything about Blythe dates this year?? Trying to put together my work schedule for May (2015)

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