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Thread: Bilge Pump

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    Bilge Pump

    Has anyone installed a DIY bilge pump setup in their spark yet? If so do you got pic's that you can post up? Has anyone installed the Sea Doo kit? How was the install and could you post pic's of that setup?


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    Smart move by putting it in.

    Doo needs to have all there skis come with a stock electric bilge...

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    I put one in a seasense 800 gph . Its automatic its mounted on the left side in the rear it with expoy and i ran clear tubing and tie wrapped the wires to the steering cable battery is right there i had to add extra wire to reach as the battery is in the middle .
    i also had to cross a motor mount with tubing as i was afraid of it gettng hot and melting my hose .
    i took a little piece of tubing and cut a slit so i could shield it then tie wrapped extra piece in place
    get 10 foot of tubing cause of location to mount .
    i put the exit on the left side of fixed colored panel as i wanted it not to interfere with top deck .
    sorry no picture of install but when i go to storage i will take a picture of exit .
    I just wished i would have check bolts and clamps !
    I have had a few skis to me its so wierd not being able to pop hood to see motor so i had to install a bilge !
    but it was cool to see the top deck off !
    Question ?
    Has any one seen the guy on ebay selling the metal washers for the top deck washers?
    R they worth it ?

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