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    2013 FZS "what's in the box"

    does the 13 FZS/FZR come with the fire extinguisher in the front compartment (inside that tie down) or do I need to buy one?

    Picking up the skis friday and heading right for the water so want to be prepared.

    also, anything else you guys think I should have on hand would be helpful. not a newbie to the boats, but haven't owned them in a few years. have a pfd that has a lanyard clip, and obv. need a whistle. any suggestions on a replacement lanyard that clips to the vest vs what comes with the ski for your wrist?

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    Have to buy one. Your dealer MIGHT throw one in. You don't have to buy one from you dealer as long as you can find one the fits the holder. Being a required item my dealer pushed the sale of the FE. They had a customer that was going to buy later,went straight to the water and got busted for not having on board. I kept the FE that I had in my trade. Best this is to review the Coast Guard/DNR manual for your state. Five minutes could save you fines.
    Lanyard, I use the wrist model.

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    I have bought 4 of these 4 strokes brand new from dealers and they all came with a fire extinguisher when we picked them up. Now they may have charged us for them as a 'hidden' prep fee somewhere on the paperwork I can't recall. But my recollection is they were included with the PWC and we did not have to purchase or install them ourselves.

    By the way, you are entitled to a 'sea trial' or water test BEFORE you sign that paperwork and purchase the ski, this is your opportinuty to look for any problems, water leaks inside the hull from loose hoses, etc. ... just sayin.

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    Sad as ski prices go up, can't toss in an extinguisher and a cheap whistle. Don't cost much at Walmart. Are you guys still getting 2 keyless remotes?

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    I got two keyless remotes no fire extinguisher and a pint of gas for courtesy

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    Quote Originally Posted by shrabber View Post
    I got two keyless remotes no fire extinguisher and a pint of gas for courtesy
    I got one keyfob no fire extinguisher 1/4 tank of gas, 1k off msrp and and truck hitch. Lol I also get 10% off all accessories.

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    I got 3k of msrp, free accessories, but no gas

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    Next we are going to have to buy the seat and handle bar grips separate.. oooops.. don't want to give them any ideas.....

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    going tomorrow to get the skis and sign the paperwork. will see what I end up with...

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    In some areas I ride it is a very expensive Ticket if you get pulled over and do not have a Fire Extinguisher on board. So for that reason alone I have one on each Ski . . .

    The reality is though if the Ski should ever catch fire, your best bet is to jump off and swim away. To take the seat off and introduce a massive amount of oxygen to the flame coupled with 20 gallons of fuel (if the tank is full) would not be too smart! I don't think the Fire Extinguishers that a PWC carries could handle that kind of explosive flame. JB

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