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    Stability of 94 SPX

    I'm about to take the family out for the first ride on the new skies one of them is the Spx. I was wondering am I going to have a hard time keeping the ski upright with 290 lbs on it. I've road skies before plenty. Just no clue as to what year that they were haul design etc etc. trying to get an idea of if these things are tippy before I go splash my 10 yrs old into the cold water.

    I remember one that was a nightmare to get back on one time. It was old then but that was in the late 90s so I'm thinking it was 91 92.

    Any way what's your experience?

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    If i knew,...I wouldn't ask sea-one's Avatar
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    Takes a skilled rider honestly

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    It can be done, just difficult

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    With 290 pounds on an SPX you will be swimming and it will be very hard to re board.

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    Damn... Well I guess the next thing to do is educate the kids on the effects of hypothermia. lol. Guess I'll stick to the three seater it should be stable enough with max 290 lbs on its max load on sticker is 550. Thanks guys for the heads up. Much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff View Post
    With 290 pounds on an SPX you will be swimming and it will be very hard to re board.
    It can be done. I am 185 lbs and ride with my 16yo daughter (105 lbs) on everything from a 96 xp to an xpl and spark. My first watercraft was a 94 SPX which we rode, although she was a little smaller then

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    Well I'm 210 lbs and my 10 yr old is 80 lbs.and we decided to get on the ski from the water near shore and if we accomplish that then. We'll take our chances. I'll report back on how many times i freeze my ass off.

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    Alright verdict is in. First of all excuse me for being such a wuss about 54 degree water(not that unbearable). Weighing in at a grand total of 295 pounds combined weight. No falls or no wake zone rollovers, but I can see where that thing will dump you on your ass at wot. (not to maneuverable). Sat the kid up front and adult in the back rode good.Do agree need a little skill to keep you out of trouble in big wake situation while in a no wake zone. But can it be done yes. and for future lookers don't sweat 50 degree water.

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