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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone. I just joined this morning.
    I registered because my wife and I recently bought a 1995 Polaris SL 650 STD. The last time it ran was in '04. It has been covered and garaged ever since. I pulled the tank out yesterday and cleaned it all up. I also replaced the fuel filters and cleaned out the sediment bowl. I put in a new battery.
    It will turn over but not fire. I am not getting spark to my plugs and the fuel pump(?) is not pumping. A mechanic friend told me to check the start/stop switch, though I am not sure once I get into it what to look for. And for the fuel, he said to check the diaphram - is that where the sed. bowl is connected.
    Any help/advise anyone can give , I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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    hotpotato, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!
    Make sure all of the fuel line is in good working order. Lines that old will fold over and kink your fuel supply.
    I would certainly pull the carbs and have a peak inside, I'm certain you'll find they are "gelled" with old fuel.
    If you're still using a single outlet pump (one fuel line supplying all 3 crabs) I'd take this opportunity to change the pump. I personally like the 3 outlet version.
    Have you verified spark? I like to use an inline spark tester to verify the electrical system is firing.
    Others will have some more ideas.

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    what he said ^^^^^ And Welcome to the Green Hulk

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    Welcome, and check the tech section for testing procedures on the elec. stator. Also look into getting a new fuel selector valve.

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    welcome aboard!

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