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    2013 Yamaha FXHO running 15mph slower

    Hello' i have a new 2013 FX HO cruiser with over 60hrs on it. I've noticed that it isn't going over 50mph, where it use to do 65mph outta the box. I thought it may have had foul plugs, so i changed them, Still going around the same speed. Anybody have any ideas, i'm thinking it may be the electronic throttle but not sure. The motor sounds fine, runs good outta the hole. Thanks, Tim

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    Have you checked the impeller??
    Something stuck in there?
    Whats your rpms at wot?

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    No i have not checked it, i also did not record the rpms lol. All i'm going by is the speedo on the ski, and the Seadoos i race in our club. Skis that i use to outrun, now are passing me up. Looks like i have to record better

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    Still under warranty? If so, take it back in. If max rpms are the same, check the wear ring for clearance or the impeller for damage.

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