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    FZR Cruise Control

    Howdys ya'll!

    Been a minute since Ive been on the forums. Ok call me crazy but lets just say I wanted to put cruise control on my 2011 FZR. Ive searched around the forums but didnt find a thing so I just thought Id ask.

    If you all really want to know why Id do such a crazy thing. Summer before last went out with a bunch of us for the Ride the Ohio River run. I have to say I had a blast BUT the long run from Cincinnati down to where we docked would have been much nicer with cruise control.

    Now I know you can wedge it open with a golf tee and things like that, but what if I wanted a setup like from the Cruisers. What all would be involved I wonder?


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    Pretty easy just expensive
    You need the Fx wiring harness Ecu and controls

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    You could buy a truck load of golf tee's for what it would cost for that conversion.

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    I have used a soft rubber key chain floaty for years. Works very well. Then u can be picky about the speed u want to run.

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