The Sluggerís move to Yamaha from Sea-Doo rocked those paying close attention to UWP-IJSBA Watercross National Tour, as Snyder has been a mainstay with Sea-Doo for several years.

Who: Troy Snyder
Age: 42
Hometown: Bradenton, FL
Years Riding: 20 years
Years Racing: 20 years
Classes You Race: Pro Stock Runabout
Ride(s) of choice: 2014 Yamaha FZR SVHO
Other interests: Making money

The Watercraft Journal: Troy, how long have you been a part of the industry? Can you tell me how you got started?

Troy Snyder: Iíve been racing Runabouts Since 1994. I raced motocross in grade school through high school. Then I stopped to play football in college. When I got home one summer some buddies had bought a Sea-Doo and thatís what got me hooked!

WCJ: I hear you have a new ride for this season, whatís it like switching from Sea-Doo to Yamaha? Could you tell me a little about your new ride?

TS: Yes Iím riding for Factory Yamaha this year! Switching was a little stressful since I have always favored Sea-Doo! Itís kind of like getting rid of a bad girlfriend, I just had to do it! Being involved with Yamaha for the last few weeks has shown me what Iíve been missing! The hospitality Scott Watkins and company have shown me is awesome! I always wondered why Farthing wanted to ride for Yamaha. Well, I now know! Theyíre a first class operation! I won Round 1 of the IJSBA US HydroDrag Nationals this past weekend on my new í14 FZR SVHO. It was a great way to start off my new season on the new Yamaha! It performed perfect and Iím adapting to perfectly. I won a World Title on an FZR in 2010, so itís coming back to me fast!

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