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    RXP-X Sponsons Setting

    Hi y'all,

    Just got myself an RXP-X. Does anyone ride with the sponsons set up on "freestyle"? If so, why?


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    I dont know anyone.

    i replaced mine with a set from Macc Racing and lowered it 1 setting.

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    I have tried... and first time I went fast and hard cornering.... I almost felt backward after the ski went 180°!
    Normal or Race for me, ski felt much better.

    But freestyle is pretty good for offshore

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    The freestyle is pretty loose but has its situation that it's good for. Sport cuts well and predictably and does well all around - calm/chop/rough. Race is more edgy and cuts hardest and probably more ideal for calm/light chop. I don't use freestyle really ever and mostly stick with sport and sometimes race but I ride lighter chop and ocean.

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