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    R&D Powershot Fuel Tuner

    Has anyone tried an R&D Powershot Fuel Tuner on their 250X yet? It seems to be safe as it is supposed to only add fuel to compensate for the lean emissions-driven factory fuel curves. I realize there is the ability to further fine tune for modified engines but that is not my current concern.

    I would like some feedback from experienced users before I install mine. Preferably on a 250X (especially the R&D provided fuel adder curve) but any experience would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Unless you have the proper measuring devices to check EGT all I can say is "USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION". Messing with fuel curves can be tricky and mistakes very costly. I would steer clear of this device until it proves itself in the hands of the consumer.


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    At the moment the fuel programmer is only going to benefit you if you have other mods.
    Testing a programmer, found that adding fuel to stock acually slowed down the ski. In stock form this ski is tuned really well.

    As far as when the are availible to buy?????

    Just stay tuned here and the info will be poring in.

    Richards rights thow. Any mods made with the fuel programmer will need to have a A/F gauge on it.

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    I feel the same way about being cautious Richard - that is why I'm asking for others' experience.

    The unit is alleged to ONLY ADD fuel. If true (big if), the unit is designed safe. Now, if it operates as designed (that if word again), it is safe.

    R&D (not the best reputation except for being early to market and to run an effective advertising campaign) further says the unit has an installed richening curve based on testing with proper data acquisition.

    Looks like R-rated advertises the R&D unit. I'm hoping they or others will have some real experience to share.


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    Sorry Skip - my previous post was being typed when you posted.

    They are available now - I've got one sitting here that I ordered from R&D for my 250X last weekend.

    Have you or others monitored A/F on a stock 250X? Sounds like R-rated may have based on a prior post.

    When you refer to testing a programmer, was it the R&D? On a 250X?


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    R-Rated unit will be in soon. Whats cool with the one the have is that he will be giving idea setting to match his mods.

    So if you order a pulley and intercooler, hell have the settings ready for you to pop into your programmer.

    As of now Im almost finished with installing the testing software.

    Snapshots of some stuff to come. Still working out a few small buggies.
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    R-Rated has units.

    Testing done in South Florida.

    Did you get the pulley?

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    No pulley. I will buy future stuff from people like R-rated who support this board and share info. The only reason I bought the Powershot from R&D is they were the only site showing it available.

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    I know I did the same thing. Come to find out R-Rated one is made by the same company but is cheaper.

    Once the comp is recording right Ill share the info from each setting. Problem is the region you live in may differ then here in Florida.

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    Texas at 700 foot elev. I should be set a bit leaner than FL generally but not alot - especially supercharged. Your settings should be safe for higher elevation riders - if a bit rich.

    There are PC programs (and weather pods) we use in kart racing (e.g. RaceJet) that allow comparisons of effective air density but I suspect they are accurate for N/A engines more so than S/C.

    We will be breaking a lot of new ground. Our variables will include things like I/C water intake temp (32 degrees F?? for example) and flow rate, boost pressure, ambient air conditions as well as injector limits. Tying Powershot settings to MAF from a MAP sensor would be the Holy Grail.

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