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    rxt 260 vs gtx 185

    hi I know this may seem like a strange post but just looking for someone who might have some info on oler 04 gtx 185 sc. I have a 2011 rxt 260 that I am planning on selling to just get rid of the payment to help add on to my house. Don't want out of the sport all together just don't want payment. I have a chance to pick up a decent gtx for a decent price. Just wondering how much difference there is in top end speed?

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    About 6 mph or more. A ton of acceleration too. Plus the s3 hull rides different

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    I'd say its 40% less acceleration and 6-9 mph top speed..
    Handling is night n day difference.

    Also 04 had ceramic clutch washers on the s/c. They had crap valves and flywheel bolts..

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    some of the 04's were fast and some were slow. I have seen 62-65 mph stockers and some handled like they were on rails where as others slide out on the first turn. If you can get a ride on it, see what you think-- just remember you are looking at a 10 year old machine and if it needs work, you will not like the repair costs of these 4 strokes.

    I am actually looking for an 04, because I like the color and know how to make it do what I want.

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    Jimmy just look at my signature I have both 05 GTX 185 and 10 RXT-X.

    The difference is significant!

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    Might want to consider a built up used PWC........Classified section you seem to see one pop up every week.

    Going with a 10 year old PWC could end up being a money pit. Right now you have a small payment every month and if the GTX crapped out or something you might need 1K+ to fix the problem during your house work.

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