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    HELP... Yamaha XLT 1200 No top end!

    My brother has a 2001 yamaha XLT 1200 that at the beginning of last year we installed a reman engine.. It ran very good but was about 2-3mph slower than it was when it was almost new..

    within a month from the new engine we kept getting the EXHAUST overheating light on..

    The dealer said the cat. converter was bad, so my brother eliminated the cat with the CAT ELIMINATOR kit.. $400..

    It wasnt long after that he noticed it didnt idle as high as it should and the top end is getting slower and slower.. I think it tops out at 48mph and when he got it, it would run 60-63mph..

    Its not pulling the RPMs it should..

    anyone have any ideas what could be wrong with it..????



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    start with a compression check.

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    $400 for a D plate (cat delete)? Should have been $50-80 and 20 mins of work from R&D or Riva

    Anyway. Check the pump liner too. It'll cause a loss of speed too.

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    Perhaps the carbs need adjustment since the d-plate.

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