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    2003 GP800R Compression numbers input please

    Just finished a rebuild with boudin.

    Here are the compression and speed numbers. Please chime in if these numbers are good.

    Ski warmed up for 15 minutes on the lake, 45 degrees outside, 135' above sea level.

    Both plugs out and a freshly charged new battery, throttle squeezed wide open. Stock setup with oil pump. Fresh gas.

    139 psi even on both cylinders.
    52mph on GPS
    Great hole shot, mid throttle and high end sound. No hesitations through the rpm range but did not have a digital tach to see rpms.

    Plugs looked pretty too.

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    all sounds good

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    Souds like you did an outstanding job ... the numbers are very good. Good Luck, be safe & most of all have a shit load of fun!

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    rebuilt my 2001 GPR 800 new pistons and fresh plated bores , readings same as you 140 and 52

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