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    Seadoo performance shops in the Bay Area, Ca

    Hi Everyone,

    Just curious if anyone has any experience with some reputable seadoo builders/performance shops here in the Bay Area, Ca. I'm looking to have some motor work / ski servicing done. I haven't been able to find any locally but hopefully with someone can chime in. Searched high and low but haven't been able to come up with anything.


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    Where are you located in the bay area?

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    And what all do you want done?

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    Located in San Jose but can commute if needed, I'm looking to get the motor rebuilt to a fairly bulletproof standard. Not shooting for top speed or anything, just a good reliable build. There's a few reputable shop in Antioch and Sacramento that i've been eyeballing, haven't had a chance to get in contact with them yet. i've read of some older shops in Livermore but it doesnt seem like theyre in business anymore.
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    Yea no shops in livermore. Ski clinic is the one in Antioch, they've got a pretty good rep with the two stroke crowd, not to sure how involved in 4-stroke they are but call and ask. Derrick Sr is the owner. I'm not familiar with any shops in the sac area.

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    Thanks! No issues with service here, the motor is badly corroded so i'll need to either have it built locally or send it out, just seeing what options are available for the build. The one in sac is called SacMotoTech , they look like a fairly new business.
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