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    2012 rxpx nearly sinks. RECALL

    For anyone that finds alot of water in their ski check to make sure the siphon tubes are in the venturi. I noticed water was coming in from the yellow plastic elbow where the clear tubes connect. I put new siphon tubes in but thought they went in a bit too easy and maybe i should put a bit of glue on them but didnt. Went for a ride for an hour and the ski nearly fucken sunk , got back to the boat ramp and guess what ? The tubes had fallen out. Come on seadoo this should be a permanent fixture and should be a recall . Oh yeah lucky i fitted a bilge pump.

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    WOW...yeah damn lucky you installed a bilge pump.

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    The problem is seadoo uses zipties to hold them on. I learned this the hard way when my seadoo boat almost sunk. So when i bought the rxp i replace the zip ties with gear clamps.
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    Install 2 bilges and make sure your motor is aligned or u will go down fast when the carbon ring wears out prematurely. Mine was way off from factory

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    The bailer system hoses work great when connected correctly, but they MUST be elevated high in the ski above the water line to siphon properly!

    Replace all of those tiny zip ties on the bailer hoses with SS gear clamps.

    Another great reason guys should have bilge pump(s) installed!

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    lol so go and buy the most expensive technically advanced ski and oh dont forget to fit 12v bilges because you might sink. yer thats a winning ski.

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    What was wrong with the bailer tubes that were in the ski?? Why did you replace them?? Whenever you install new bailer tubes you ALWAYS use some 2 part epoxy too hold them in.. I think that might even be in the shop manual.....

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