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    Polaris Pro CDI 750

    Hello there Im wiring the pro CDI to 750 I see that there is two red White wires from CDi 1 of them has a Female end the other has Male end witch one do I use to go the Stator . Also on the instructions from from Tech section I see it calls for two ground wires my cdi only has one .
    Also my CDI as a Grey wire where does that go. Thanks in advance

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    One of the red/white wires is for the exhaust valves it should be the shorter one. Use the longer red/white wire for the stator. The gray wire is for limp mode your crafts do not have limp mode. You can leave it disconected. Or hook it to the Tan on you board. The cdi has one ground with two eye loops one goes to the ground post that holds the coils and the other goes to the ground in the other half of the box.
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    okay wired it all up but it has no spark any Ideas what could be the problem thanks

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    Make sure the coils are wire per the diagram disconnect the start/stop switch. Remove the gray/tan wire. Make sure your battery is good. Have you ohmed the stator?

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