hey guys. I just put a 2nd hand ECU in an 07 VX Cruiser.(Unfortunately I didn't check part numbers as yet to confirm it was for a deluxe or Cruiser) . Ski runs fine but when I hit remote to put in learner mode -nothing happens. I then hit de-activate ski and now its completely shut off and I cant re-activate it? ski now dead. I have put many other anti theft boxes with matching remotes into Vx's and everthing works fine, but I have never swapped out just an ECU and left to run with skis own anti theft box and remote. Seems this is where the problem maybe.
We then took the deactivated remote and box and put it back into an FXHO and we reactivated it. So No prob with remote and Box. Any ideas?? Wrong ECU? out of a sport Maybe?