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    Impros Impellers

    Well as most of you know I have built a GPRX and because this is soo new there no standards for what props to run with what mods . I called Dave a Impros when I was getting close to completeing this project and told him what I built and what i was looking to achieve. I sent him a very used/abused concord prop that had been bent a couple of time by someone other than him. He told me He was going to re-do the prop and pitch it to a 13/19.5. It was at his shop on a Monday and I had it back on a Thursday (he's in Cali. I'm in Alabama). Well the prop was too small; this was not his fault there was really no way to know because none has really done this before aside for Hydrotoys. So I sent it back to him and he got it on Tuesday and guess what should up today ? Thats right a re-pitched 14/22 concord . I have got to tell you he is an awesome guy to deal with. Believe me anytime I need a prop or prop help this is where I am going thanks Dave

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    He has my gprxp prop as we speak. If anyone can squeeze MPH out of a prop its Dave @ Impro's

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    Thumbs up Impros

    I have been making business with Dave from a few years and in my opinion his prop job is the best in the business PERIOD!!! Last year we placed an order for a new prop with a custom pitch and it was here in less than 48 hours even that his shop is located in California and we are in the caribbean, Puerto Rico.

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    I can vouch for Dave as well he has always done great work on my props. The racing finish is nice as well. He's always found the right bend !

    He's done 3 of mine. I even bought a prop that was dinged up pretty bad on ebay. Mailed it in and it came back looking brand new.

    Swallowed a piece of metal and ate up my other prop so I think I'll send that one back in...

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    On behalf of Impros, thanks for the kind words.

    on another note..Lvnspeed, your avatar rocks!


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